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Administrative Processes

Many administrative tasks are repetitive and require pinpoint accuracy. When there is a workload uptick in an HR or Finance department, processing errors become more frequent, the quality of the business information produced suffers and users may deviate from compliance protocols.
Our workflow automation solutions accelerate time-consuming administrative processes by eliminating inefficiencies and streamlining the approval of documents; all while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
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Business Process Automation

Administrative departments often execute data entry-intensive processes where accuracy is critical. When these processes include manual steps, clerical errors become more common, things slow down and generally become far more inefficient.

The GRM enterprise content management solution streamlines your data entry procedures with its intelligent form technology. iForms technology captures critical data and populates documents such as onboarding forms or vendor invoices.

Moreover, drawn-out routing and approval processes can be sped up and tracked in real-time through our decision-based routing solution, which is built into our cloud repository. Documents that are pending approval are automatically sent to the next reviewer in the approval chain, until an approval workflow is completed.

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Greater Process Visibility

It’s important for healthcare administrators to gain insight into the entire lifecycle of an administrative process so they understand how a process is being managed and if issues are developing. For example, if compliance issues are not identified at an early stage, these problems can become systematically larger and harder to resolve down the line.

Our document repository provides a superior vantage point from which to make procedural observations given its intuitive audit trailing capabilities. Executives can ensure their employees are following the right steps when dealing with confidential information and limit their legal exposure.

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Patient Financial Services

An enormous volume of paperwork flows through patient financial service departments and if that paperwork is not flowing efficiently through the requisite steps toward completion, cash flow and profitability are negatively impacted.

Our intelligent form technology, iForms, enables the accurate processing of a high volume of financial forms and provides an automated structure for financial processing that keeps employees and document management processes functioning efficiently.

All of the manual data entry steps in typical financial workflows are eliminated and replaced by our intelligent forms, which are able to populate patient financial documents such as remittance advice checks automatically with correct data.

In addition, the GRM platform provides a cloud-based repository that serves as a common point of access for all designated employees to view patient information and make it simple for administrators and outside auditors to examine department processes.

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