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legacy EMR data archiving solution
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Legacy EMR Data Archive Solution

GRM’s Legacy EMR Data Archive allows you to preserve patient data & consolidate legacy EHR’s under a single platform. Discontinue maintenance of expensive legacy EMR systems. Save money. Integrate with one EHR system. Access patient information from one platform. Stay Compliant.

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GRM Legacy data archive
Access Legacy EMR Data

Access legacy EMR archive data and all patient information, including discrete data and DICOM images, through a single interface. Medical personnel can now deliver faster, better quality patient care while administrators leverage data to run their businesses more efficiently.

Easily query and find the full breadth of patient data.

Legacy Healthcare Data Archiving Solution | GRM Legacy Medical Data
Consolidate Quickly

Consolidate Quickly and


Given its web-based structure, our Legacy Data Archive can be quickly deployed with minimal IT investment and is seamlessly compatible with your EMR systems.

With GRM's expertise and history with EMR conversion, you can be certain that the process will be handled without delay nor the risk of compromising a single piece of data.

Convert legacy EMR. Decommission outdated legacy EHR systems.
Save Money, Stay Compliant

All consolidated legacy data is fully encrypted and only accessible to authorized users. Our robust security model allows for flexible granting of role-based access to different data sets and is implemented with your company's existing IT infrastructure in mind.

Save Money by discontinuing your Legacy EHR system while getting secure Access to Retired Healthcare Data

Improve revenue streams
A Single Interoperable System

With our Legacy EMR Data Archiving Solution in place, EMR data can be integrated your healthcare organization’s EHRsystem.—eliminating the need to support legacy EMR systems. Through EMR decommission, eliminate the fees and ongoing costs associated with maintaining those systems—such as staff support, software licensing and upgrades.

Scalable EMR legacy data archiving solution
Scale with Your Growth

As data demands grow, our Legacy EMR Data Archive solution can be easily expanded given its modular, online-based structure.

Always having been a cloud solution, the GRM Legacy EHR Data Archive was born with scalability at its core.

GRM's Legacy EMR Data Archiving Solution
Access Data 24/7

All your data is stored in the US east coast data centers and replicated in the US west coast data centers and, as such, we provide you with immediate and seamless access to your data 7x24x365. Likely a more robust Disaster Recovery environment than your live EMR system supports.p>

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