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Getting patients processed and treated as efficiently as possible is vital to an effective and profitable healthcare center, which is especially the case within outpatient and ambulatory departments where there is little room for inefficiencies and inaccuracies.
Our intelligent capture and iForms solutions can take the manual, time-consuming steps involved in patient workflows and automate them; resulting in faster, error-proof patient records management processing.
Offline Forms
Smoother Patient
Registration & Discharge

When a patient is admitted, there are forms that must be filled out prior to medical care be given. The process of capturing this information and subsequently entering it into an information management system is time-consuming, often inaccurate and slows down the care of a patient.

Our intelligent capture and i-Form technology can eliminate the manual data entry steps of a patient’s registration and discharge and offer them an efficient self-service option. After the proper forms have been completed, information can be checked for accuracy and reflected on a patient’s digital medical record in less than 24 hours. Ultimately, through our workflow automation solutions, redundancies are avoided, the probability of errors decrease and patient information is quickly made accessible to care providers.

Patient Invoice
Accelerated Billing Cycles

Billing cycles are generally longer than they need to be because of the inefficiency of the process. Many aspects are manual and the records management process is often slowed down or stalls entirely by virtue of critical patient information being unavailable.

GRM offers a patient care platform that helps automate the process and increase accessibility to information. Our online record center serves as a central location where patient data can be housed and securely exchanged. Our intelligent capture technology is able to consume, identify and select key data from documents and leverage this information by populating it in specified billing forms.

Some of this captured data includes critical billing codes commonly found in ICD-10 workflows that are vital to the accurate processing of patient medical charges. We’re also able to automate the claims scrubbing process for procedural codes such as confirming the gender of a patient or type of insurance provider.

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