The Fundamentals of Information Management

Information management is pivotal in today’s digital era, directly impacting efficiency, decision-making, and overall success.

Our platform, GRM’s VisualVault, is a game-changer. It combines multiple functionalities, from file management and OCR/ICR scanning to AI-powered content organization and intuitive workflows.

At GRM, we accommodate all stages of your digitization journey. From secure physical document storage to advanced digital solutions, we cater to your needs.

Take action now, streamline your operations, and transform your information management strategy with GRM.

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Born in the cloud, VisualVault is a flexible, modern ECM platform. A transformative technology that delivers efficiency, savings and insights that drive your organization forward.

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File Management

Effective file management ensures that your important documents are organized, accessible, and secure. With GRM’s VisualVault, we provide a robust and user-friendly interface that allows for quick navigation, searching, and managing of files. You have the ability to easily control who has access to what information, keeping your documents safe and compliant.

Scanning with OCR/ICR

At GRM, we offer high-volume bulk scanning services, turning vast amounts of your physical documents into digital data using advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technologies. This process does more than simply turning paper into PDFs; it transforms them into searchable, editable data, thus reducing manual data entry, increasing data accuracy, and accelerating workflows.

Whether you have a few piles of documents or a few million, our scanning services are designed to handle your needs effectively and efficiently, paving the way for a smooth transition into digital information management with GRM’s VisualVault.

artificial intelligence for metadata and categorizaiton

the Importance of Artificial Intelligence for Content Organization

AI is transforming how we manage and organize content. It enables us to analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and derive meaningful insights. In GRM’s VisualVault, we leverage AI to automatically categorize, tag, and manage your content. This improves accessibility and makes information retrieval faster and more efficient, giving your team more time to focus on what truly matters.

Intelligent Forms

GRM’s VisualVault features intelligent forms, a key component in data collection and business process automation. These forms are not just data collection tools, but gateways to effective business process management. They allow you to gather and validate data, while also enabling you to configure complex, multistep workflows.

With our intelligent forms, you can set custom permissions, defining who can see and access the information gathered, thus ensuring privacy and compliance. The data gathered from these forms can trigger automated actions such as approval processes, e-signatures, and seamless integrations.

What’s more, the form data feeds directly into your analytics dashboard, allowing you to monitor, measure, and manage the process in real time. This means less time spent on manual tasks and more time for strategic decision-making. Transform the way you collect and handle information with GRM’s VisualVault’s intelligent forms.

workflow builder

Business Process Workflow

Streamlining your business processes is essential for maximizing productivity and efficiency. With GRM’s VisualVault, we provide a powerful and intuitive workflow builder that empowers you to design and automate your business processes with ease.

Our drag-and-drop workflow builder simplifies the process of creating complex workflows. No coding or technical expertise is required. You can simply drag the desired workflow elements, such as approval steps, notifications, document routing, and more, onto the canvas and connect them in the desired sequence. This visual approach allows you to quickly design and customize workflows tailored to your specific requirements.

With GRM’s VisualVault, you have complete control over your workflows. You can define conditional logic, set up parallel or sequential processes, and configure business rules to ensure your processes align with your organization’s unique needs. Our workflow builder enables you to adapt and optimize your business processes easily as your requirements evolve.

By automating your workflows, you eliminate manual tasks and reduce the risk of errors, bottlenecks, and delays. You can track the progress of each workflow, monitor performance metrics, and gain valuable insights into process efficiency. Our goal is to empower you to drive efficiency and enhance collaboration across your organization.

Experience the simplicity and power of GRM’s VisualVault’s drag-and-drop workflow builder and transform your business processes into streamlined, automated workflows that propel your organization forward.


GRM’s VisualVault is designed to work with your existing systems, be it your CRM, ERP, or any other software. This seamless integration not only reduces data redundancy but also provides a unified platform for all your information management needs. This interconnectivity empowers you to have a single, consistent, and accurate view of your data.
integrations with other systems
GRM Analytics Capabilities

Predictive Analytics

Data isn’t just about what has happened, it’s about what will happen next. With our predictive analytics feature, you can turn data into actionable insights. From forecasting trends to identifying potential issues before they arise, predictive analytics empower you to make proactive and informed decisions.

Physical Storage Solutions

In a digital age, we understand that some organizations still have physical document storage needs. At GRM, we’re equipped to meet these needs with our extensive experience and top-notch facilities.

For over 35 years, we’ve been leaders in document and sensitive information storage. Our services extend beyond storing standard paper documents, encompassing precious items like photos, pathology slides, and digital media.

Our state-of-the-art storage facilities, spread across more than 15 locations throughout the US, are testament to our commitment to preserving and protecting your valuable physical assets.

Whether you’re transitioning to digital or need a trusted partner for your physical storage needs, GRM has the capacity, expertise, and dedication to deliver superior service.

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