Domestic and International Expansion of GRM Information Management Pathology Storage Services Accelerates in 2024.

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Jersey City, NJ, June 3, 2024 – GRM Information Management counts many of the largest healthcare organizations in the country among its clients, for both physical storage services and advanced digital information management solutions. In addition to documents, GRM provides specialized storage conditions for the pathology blocks and slides for a large percentage of these clients. GRM’s pathology storage business has grown steadily over the last several years but 2024 is proving to be a point in time where demand for these services is accelerating both in the US as well as among GRM’s South America offices.

GRM maintains dedicated temperature and humidity-controlled pathology storage areas of their facilities in major metropolitan areas across the US. Recently the demand for pathology blocks and slides storage has prompted GRM to expand these existing pathology storage sections at some facilities and build out completely new sections in several of their other locations. Additionally, GRM’s South America offices have recently secured large pathology blocks and slides storage contracts.

GRM CEO, Avner Schneur states, “Partnering with our healthcare clients to offer them specialized storage of their pathology samples was a natural evolution and expansion of those relationships.” Schneur adds, “Beyond the physical space demands that they needed to address, they also chosen to employ GRM for pathology storage because they had confidence in our highly-trained staff, the quality of our facilities and our operational excellence.”

Beyond the facilities, staff and operational considerations associated with the physical storage of these important assets, GRM also provides a portion of its pathology clients with digital solutions delivered via its cloud-based content platform, VisualVault.

The digital workflow solution involves the lab requisition and lab sample being separated upon entering the lab and the requisition being digitized. This allows the requisition to move freely through the lab; accessed and processed by multiple people in a digital environment that accelerates processes and minimizes manual errors. And, because it’s a cloud-based solution, this workflow automation solution also delivers secure, mobile access to information and lab paperwork. This efficiency stands in stark contrast to the current process that is defined by manual processing of information through a linear and slow progression.

In addition to the pathology workflow solution, other pathology clients employ GRM’s digital quality control and machine maintenance log solution. This solution, powered by VisualVault intelligent forms, allows lab personnel to directly log critical maintenance processes and data into forms related to lab equipment. Beyond tracking and reporting upon critical processes, workflow automation is also employed, automatically identifying and alerting necessary parties when there is non-compliance with critical maintenance processes or readings that fall outside of acceptable standards, associated with lab equipment.


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