GRM Delivers Groundbreaking Pathology Workflow Automation Solution

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Jersey City, NJ– GRM Information Management, a leader in enterprise content management, offers an innovative Pathology Workflow Automation Solution for the management of critical pathology lab processes.

Built around GRM’s powerful, cloud-based content services platform (CSP), the Pathology Workflow Automation Solution leverages some of the CSP’s key capabilities to optimize the administrative and operational aspects of pathology testing.

Pathology labs often rely on manual processes for completing and handling pathology-related paperwork such as lab requisitions, billing and more. Manual data entry can be time-consuming and increase the likelihood of clerical errors, while relying on couriers to transport pathology lab assets and lab-related paperwork around medical campuses can cost valuable time.

GRM’s Pathology Workflow Automation Solution eliminates these challenges, using advanced technology to automate the collection of data and enabling lab-related paperwork to be handled digitally rather than transporting physical copies along with pathology assets such as blocks and slides.

The Pathology Workflow Automation Solution uses iForms, GRM’s intelligent forms technology, to auto populate fields and data based on customizable contextual information. Replacing manual data entry with iForms significantly reduces the need for the manual collection, sorting and input of pathology data, saving time and decreasing the likelihood of clerical errors.

GRM’s Pathology Workflow Automation Solution further expedites pathology lab administrative processes by implementing automated workflows that ensure lab-related paperwork moves between people and departments efficiently and securely.

And, because it is built around a cloud-based platform, GRM’s Pathology Workflow Automation Solution delivers secure, mobile access to information and lab paperwork.

GRM follows recommendations from the College of American Pathologists and the Clandestine Laboratory Investigators Association (CLIA), and all data is handled by HIPAA-trained staff.

“Our Pathology Workflow Automation Solution addresses the unique challenges facing pathology labs,” says Yossi Harel, Executive Vice President of GRM. “By streamlining the administrative aspects of their operations, we save them valuable time throughout these critical processes. Leading pathology labs and healthcare systems rely on GRM’s Pathology Workflow Automation Solution to optimize the administrative parts of their lab operations.


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