How threat hunting enhances cybersecurity

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Author: Rishi Bhargava
“Given the dramatic increase in cyberattacks, no agency can afford to feel that its security is impenetrable. Regardless of how thorough agencies believe their defenses are, determined and well-funded hackers can penetrate their networks. Furthermore, many organizations that have already been hacked remain unaware that an intrusion has occurred. This has given rise to a new cybersecurity role — the threat hunter.”
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GRM Article Commentary:
Data Security and Increasing Threats
In this environment of ever-increasing security threats, it is all the more important for businesses to assure that their important and sensitive information is safe and well-secured. GRM Document Management employs various high-level security measures to make sure that our clients’ data, documents, and information are as secure as possible. Businesses can be assured that their documents are incredibly secure and well-managed in the hands of GRM Document Management. 

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