Newest Version of GRM Information Management Healthcare Release of Information (ROI) Service Offers Ideal Experience for Every Requestor.

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Jersey City, NJ, June 28, 2024 – Led by recent mobile application innovations, the GRM Information Management Release of Information (ROI) service sets the industry standard for quality of patient experience. Architected to deliver a simple and seamless process, the application delivers a superior mobile self-service option, a personal agent-assisted option or a dynamic combination of the two.

The advanced GRM ROI mobile application, powered by Zappix, offers a HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly self-service option for submitting healthcare record requests. After clicking on the self-service option, mobile app patient users are directed to an intelligent form (iform) to complete their ROI request. And following submission of the iform, the user can track the progress of their request in real-time on the Zappix-powered GRM app.

The mobile request submission option delivers patients and third-party requestors a highly-convenient means of making requests. Beyond convenience, this process shortens response times and minimizes errors that can be caused by a more traditional means of processing patient data requests. And, arguably, the most unique capability of the new GRM ROI solution is the simplicity and immediacy with which self-service users can tap into the live Agent Assist feature for a piece of advice or some brief guidance and then quickly transition back into their self-service experience.

Given the diversity of age of the patient population making ROI requests, the GRM solution also accommodates requestors who may prefer more personalized engagement. In order to best serve this part of the population, the GRM solution has integrated a live Agent Assist link as part of the process, that connects requestors to a trained customer service rep to assist with answering questions and completing requests.

Toby Davis, senior ROI executive, states “This version of our ROI product is noteworthy because it’s the perfect example of employing cutting-edge technology to deliver a superior user experience. Whether serving young, mobile-centric, tech-savvy requestors or older requestors who prefer the assistance of a customer-service agent, we’re delivering a simple and streamlined experience.” Mr. Davis adds, “And, as a unique benefit to healthcare providers, GRM is also a leader in the document storage industry, maintaining warehouse facilities across the country. So, we can both securely house patient records and manage the processing and fulfillment of patient record requests.”

Requestors making a submission in the app can easily transition to the live Agent Assist feature and then transition seamlessly back into the app.
Industry leaders in healthcare information management, GRM delivers some of the largest healthcare providers in the country with a variety of patient data management solutions such as release of information, legacy data archiving, pathology workflow and a variety of HIM automation solutions.


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