Washington City Turns To GRM For Municipal Court Document Management System.

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A mid-sized city in the state of Washington has selected GRM Information Management after a competitive bid process to modernize its document management system for court records and establish a path to more advanced digital transformation initiatives. The municipal government identified GRM’s expertise in document management and its VisualVault enterprise content management (ECM) platform as the best means of addressing the city’s current document management challenges and serve as an ideal future solution for other city departments and their digital content management needs.

The city’s court system had been relying on a largely manual process of scanning, naming, emailing, and archiving legally sensitive records on a local drive and then sending paper records to a city warehouse where an assessment would then be made on retention. The manual processes proved laborious and error-prone, hindering the critical efforts of judges, court clerks and a variety of other city employees.

Recognizing that a digital content management system was required to address this range of challenges that the courts were experiencing, city management concurrently sought to transform the court records management processes and identify a system that could also serve as a document management solution for their legal and human resource departments, among others. 

The VisualVault solution allowed for the management of both historical and current records by integrating with the legacy court ERP system. And, with the structuring of data, proper filing capabilities, online file sharing and archiving solutions in place, a path to other solutions and more expansive digital transformation initiatives was established.

Additionally, VisualVault was selected by virtue of a broad range of document and data management capabilities including workflow automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities, simple integrations with other court software, retention and compliance management functionality and a suite of sophisticated analytics functions.

GRM CEO, Avner Schneur, states “Public Sector clients, whether they be state, county or municipal governments, have historically found VisualVault to be an ideal choice to help them modernize their operations and help them chart a course to true digital transformation.”  Schneur goes on the say, “Whether they need to reinvent their document management processes, like this case, or implement a new system to support a specific program like Licensing & Permitting or Case Management, VisualVault’s flexibility allows them to both protect and continue to leverage current IT investment as well as effectively achieve future-looking initiatives.”


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