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Storage, Scanning, Shredding and Digital Solutions

GRM Information Management has been a leading provider of information management systems since 1987. In that time, GRM has worked with a large number of K-12 and higher education institutions across the country delivering an array of services from storage, to scanning, and digital solutions.

Our robust, cloud-based content services platform serves as the centerpiece of the digital solutions that GRM provides its clients. Our digital solutions consist of digital conversion, advanced data capture solutions, document management systems, workflow automation, legacy data archiving, compliance and governance, business process management, and advanced analytics capabilities. GRM’s solutions speed the flow of information, protect the confidentiality of student records, improve cash flow, and put education professionals in a position to make informed, critical decisions.

GRM maintains offices in every major metro across the U.S., including Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey/New York, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. GRM also has facilities in Lima, Peru; Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Bogota, Cali, Medellin, Colombia.


GRM is one of E&I’s newest partners, offering members the best value in a broad range of E&I product/service categories. These include: SaaS based  Electronic Content Management, Advancement Services Software, Athletics Department Software, Business Office and Senior Administration Software, Human Resources and Enrollment Management Software, Student Affairs Software, Physical Document Storage, Media Storage, Data Storage Service, CAP Compliant Pathology Storage Services, Document Scanning/Imaging Services, and Certified Shredding of Paper or Media.

Together we deliver the expertise, solutions, and services that help education institutions excel in business performance, reducing costs, and increasing operational efficiencies.

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About Jonathan Abrahamian

Jonathan Abrahamian the GRM point of contact for all E&I members. Jonathan is a dedicated professional who started his journey with GRM Information Management Services in late 2009 as an Account Manager. Over the years, Jonathan’s passion for growth and client relations propelled him through various pivotal roles within GRM.

Today, Jonathan serves as the Director of Sales at GRM’s corporate headquarters. His extensive experience working with clients in implementing both physical and digital solutions make him an ideal client partner for all of GRM’s service offerings.

Email Jonathan directly at or use the button below to book a meeting.