What is Intelligent Character Recognition?

Document Scanning & Ocr Data Capture

Our document scanning technology integrated with OCR software, ICR data extraction, iForms, document classification and indexing, is built into our records management software.

What Are the Benefits of Intelligent Character Recognition?

The average OCR can recognize printed fonts. When you need to scan and digitalize a lot of documents that include handwriting such as forms filled by hand or hand written notes you need something better – this is where ICR comes in. We all have different handwriting and a good ICR should be able to convert all of it into usable data.

This usable data will be stored in an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform which allows the use of the data in a structured way. When you use an ECM equipped with ICR, the ICR software makes your ECM more effective. Without Intelligent Character Recognition, your ECM would only recognize printed text. The handwritten information included on any forms or documents would remain trapped in the scanned document.

Intelligent Character Recognition software ensures that that handwritten information is not lost. ICR software recognizes the handwritten text and extracts it from the document. The ECM then puts the data to work, populating databases and back-office systems such as Accounts Receivable with the relevant extracted data. Using the extracted handwritten data in this way helps eliminate the need for manual data entry by employees and increases the accuracy of the information entered. This saves your business time and money. And, the extracted handwritten data can also be integrated into automated workflows, further improving efficiency and optimizing business processes.

Another use for the extracted data is in reporting. Without ICR, the ECM would not be able to present a full picture when running analytics reports.

A Modern Ecm System Should Have Icr Built in

GRM Information Management’s ECM is equipped with our proprietary advanced capture system which takes ICR and OCR technology to the next level. It applies business learning to the text, ensuring that your data works for you. As such, our robust ECM offers a full range of capabilities. Rather than simply acting as a digital repository for scanned documents, our ECM plugs extracted data into database fields; integrates it into business processes through customizable, automate workflows; and uses our advanced analytics capabilities to provide real-time business insights.

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