ARMA InfoCon 2019: Key Takeaways from the Conference

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ARMA InfoCon 2019 took place in Nashville last week, and GRM exhibited. Carl Schriefer, Vice President of Account Management, is one of the GRMers who attended. He shares his thoughts below on the hot topics and key takeaways at ARMA 2019. Read on for details…

There were four main topics of conversation at ARMA InfoCon 2019, each with its own takeaways:

Information Governance
One of the main topics of conversation at ARMA 2019 was information governance. This crucial topic was discussed in educational sessions and the keynote, as well as by conference attendees out on the conference floor. And I refer to it as crucial with good reason: As technology drives advances in records management – especially related to how we store and manage content in the cloud – changes to the laws regulating how we handle data will and do inevitably follow. It is vital that companies keep up with these changes and have a strategy for managing information governance. Staying on top of rapidly changing regulations – as well as cybersecurity needs – is necessary to mitigate risk.

While it goes hand-in-hand with information governance, the discussion surrounding cybersecurity was such an important part of ARMA InfoCon that it deserves its own section. Those same advances in technology and changes to information governance regulations require a higher level of cybersecurity. Companies need to be prepared for, and protected from, data breaches and threats both external and internal.

ARMA 2019 was a tech-driven conference. In addition to the multitude of technology and software startups in attendance, the opening keynote speech by Dr. Mansur Hasib also focused on how technology can bridge the gaps in information governance. In “Mining the Information Goldmine,” Dr. Hasib, an award-winning cybersecurity and healthcare leader who chairs the cybersecurity program at the University of Maryland Global Campus Graduate School, discussed how there is inherent risk involved in every innovation. According to Dr. Hasib, technology alone will not solve problems and information governance does not mean control – companies must empower records management professionals to act as cybersecurity professionals in order to mitigate risk.

Records Managers
In his keynote, Dr. Hasib also talked about the importance of specialization in information governance, especially as technology continues to advance and evolve. For instance, records management professionals of the future will need specialized knowledge and experience in security or retention – rather than just a general background in records management. Records managers should begin preparing for the future now, and keep on top of updates in their specialization. Now is the time, for example, to brand oneself as a cybersecurity professional – and stick with it.

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