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Stress has been known to cause many health problems ranging from physical pain, heart disease, depression, skin conditions, digestive system, weight fluctuations, and sleep difficulties. And as if that isn’t a long enough list, a recent study conducted by scientists from Yale University suggests that stress can actually shrink your brain. It’s clear that we all need to minimize the stress in our lives since it can be detrimental to our health. There are many ways people can self-manage stress. Everyone can begin by eating healthier, getting plenty of sleep and setting aside time solely to relax. Unfortunately, such lifestyle changes can’t easily resolve stress related to business information management. Many companies, for instance are transitioning more and more of their paper inventories to digital. But the process of determining what to hold on to and what to let go of, is often, well, stressful.
Not to worry. These days there are single-source, “blended” digital and physical content management solutions out there that are designed to make your life easier. Admittedly, these blended solutions are few and far between, but once you find one, you’ll be relieved to know that this “life-cycle” approach not only securely stores, maintains, accesses, tracks and bridges concurrent paper and digital inventories, but offers the ability to transition from paper to digital at your own pace and schedule.
Bottom line, we can’t always control all the stress around us, but at least there’s some comfort in knowing that you can manage your important records and content with a sense of orderly, purposeful peace of mind.
– CM


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