3 Ways Government Agencies Can Benefit from a Digital Transformation

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3 Ways Government Agencies Can Benefit from a Digital Transformation

According to a November 2017 report by consulting firm McKinsey & Co, “U.S. government entities trail organizations in other sectors in adopting digital technologies and approaches.” And yet, there are significant benefits to managing information through an information management system rather than manually.

Streamline business processes

Government agencies that make a digital transformation often experience substantial savings. By reducing or eliminating manual processes, agencies can optimize their operations, leading to more efficient processes and employees. Staff who previously may have had to dedicate a significant amount of time to entering data manually and filing paperwork can instead focus on other projects and priorities. Decision-based routing and permission-based access ensure paperwork moves smoothly and securely within the agency.

Increase access to important documents

Managing information in a secure digital platform allows government agencies to access and retrieve important data and documents quickly and easily. And, with the right information management system, an agency can securely deliver increased system accessibility to not just staff, but to contractors, partners and citizens as well.

Even citizens can benefit from a digital transformation

People and paperwork – often in high volumes – are two things that most government agencies deal with on a daily basis. Delivering an efficient, quality experience to the former often depends on the level of ease and efficiency with which the latter is handled. Making a digital transformation is a way to improve both.
Thanks to self-service options, cloud-based enterprise content management systems allow citizens to conveniently submit forms online. And it’s not just forms. Citizens can request information, pay fees and fines, and complete a number of other tasks at their convenience. Automated workflow processes ensure those forms, requests and payments reach the appropriate parties in a timely manner, expediting the process and providing a better experience for everyone involved.


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