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If you spend your waking hours like me, wandering aimlessly around offices, you hear it over and over again.  “Way too much paper.”  “Get rid of this paper.”  “We’re swimming in paper.” “For crying out loud, we got to go paperless!” Paper bashers unite! You’ve made your case. You’ve brought us to the Eve of Digitalization. But, in doing so, have you considered the fate of the paper salesman. Or the staple salesman. Or the paper clip salesman. How about the binder salesman. And the three-hole punch salesman and the copier salesman. Talk about your domino effect.
Dominoes be damned. The digital office is here. Many of them have made the migration to “paper light” if not entirely “paperless”, replacing paper-based business processes with digital workflow. Especially in the areas of contract administration, human resources and accounts payable. They’ve beckoned the expertise of information management services companies who can recommend appropriate scanning, hosting and other electronic document management solutions. However, for those companies taking cover from cascading dominoes, they trust those same information management services companies to provide cost-efficient, physical document storage and secure, certified shredding services.
The paperless office. Could it be a one-man, economic wrecking ball? Be careful what you wish for.
—Dr. Document


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