Does Your Healthcare Organization’s ECM Support Informational Readiness?

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Does Your Healthcare Organization’s ECM Support Informational Readiness?

All Electronic Health Record systems have the ability to print, or upload, updates to a patient’s medical record. A robust enterprise content management system (ECM) does this too, but is also capable of analyzing documents and identifying specific information. This can be a game-changer for healthcare systems.


An optimized ECM delivers records where they need to be delivered

After identifying key pieces of information, a properly set-up enterprise content management system can use that data to determine where the records need to be delivered for the next step in a patient’s care. For example:

  1. Did the record come from a gastroenterology practice that scheduled a patient for a hospital
    procedure? An ECM can securely route this document as needed.
  2. Did the record come from an acute-care facility discharging a patient to a long-term care
    facility? An ECM can notify that facility of the availability of the record directly in the platform.
  3. Does the long-term care facility need patient demographics, medications and a problem list in a pre-defined file
    format for import? An ECM can make that file available to the facility as a download.
  4. Does this record indicate that a patient to be admitted has a history of MRSA? An ECM can notify Infection Control at the acute care hospital that precautions are required.


Cloud-based ECM platform ensures informational readiness

For healthcare organizations that handle a high volume of paperwork on a daily basis, this level of informational readiness can be invaluable. A cloud-based ECM platform with these capabilities can enhance the communication between affiliated (or not) care providers, saving significant time for medical staff, facilities and related organizations, while reducing errors and improving the patient experience. And with web-based servers ensuring 99.9% online readiness, it takes uncertainty out of the equation.


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