Managing HR Data Security and Compliance with an HR ECM Solution

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A robust enterprise content management system (ECM) can address two of the primary concerns related to HR data: security and compliance. Choosing an ECM that complements your existing HRIS, HTC or ATS makes an already strong system even stronger by delivering security and mitigating risk.


Controlling access to HR data

Protecting your company’s HR information from internal security breaches can be challenging. An ECM makes it easy to control who sees what data, when they see it, and how they interact with it. Secure storage, search and retrieval access are crucial. Permission-based access is essential to protecting confidential information while still allowing convenient access to appropriate employees.


Complying with government and internal regulations

Government regulations regarding the handling, storage and destruction of HR data are strict and typically carry severe and often costly penalties for non-compliance. Your company’s internal protocols for managing HR data may add an additional layer of complexity to this already challenging issue.
An ECM can make it easier to follow document retention and compliance requirements through permission-based access and automated business processes. And, with an ECM you can track data and documents at every stage, so you have full oversight at all times. This is particularly important if your company faces an audit and needs to present relevant documents quickly.


The right HR ECM Solution for your company

Odds are good that you already have an HRIS, HTC or ATS that you know and trust. Adding the capability of an ECM that complements and enhances your existing system is a win-win: you retain the comfort of using a trusted system while gaining peace of mind.


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