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Last summer, 36 people, mostly programmers, communed in a house in the San Francisco suburbs for a lesson in CoZE.  For the uninitiated, that’s “comfort zone expansion.” CoZE demands you do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, then observe the results. In this case, a self-avowed neat freak fully submerged his hand in a pan of leftover chicken curry.  Lo and behold, he honestly enjoyed the experience.
If you take a stroll through an American office these days, you might witness scores of workers unintentionally undergoing their own CoZE experience. They’re the ones, under protest, making the transition from a paper-based environment to a digital one. If you detect them quivering, simply take their hand, channel your inner FDR (“The only thing they have to fear is fear itself.”), then point them in the direction of the nearest information management services company. The experts there can allay any level of apprehension with comprehensive training on scanning, hosting and workflow processes. Yet for those CoZEers who don’t yet feel cozy, they can also provide comfort in the form of cost-efficient document storage and shredding.
Now, if you don’t mind, you’ll have to excuse me. I’ve got to go find an airplane, parachute and sky diving instructor. See ya.  I hope.
—-Dr. Document


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