Mirror, Mirror…

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Remember when you first learned to drive?  Before you turned on the ignition, you were taught to check your rearview and side mirrors.  Well, guess what?  Side mirrors may soon go the way of the hand crank.  Automotive engineers are working on replacing side mirrors with cameras and internal video screens.  That’s right.  Those ugly protuberances that cause aerodynamic drag and harrowing blind spots may well become a thing of the past.
Take a trip around an American office and you may notice another fixture becoming obsolete.  Paper.  More and more businesses are venturing into the Digital Age, moving from a paper-based environment into one far less paper intensive.  If you have the electronic itch, your local information management service company can provide expertise and guidance on appropriate scanning, hosting and workflow solutions.  But if you prefer to continue looking over your shoulder, they’ll offer cost-effective records storage and certified shredding services.
So mirror, mirror on the car, which is better for you by far?  Paper or digital?  On reflection, the answer is…
—-Dr. Document



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