Missing The Mark

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These days, if you have to get from Point A to Point B, you’re more likely to put your life (or, a least your car) in the hands of a state-of-the-art GPS instead of a good, old fashioned paper map.  Right?  Well, that’s what Noel Santillan did when he visited Iceland earlier this month.  Unfortunately, due to an inadvertent misspelling of a destination road, he missed his Reykjavik mark by 250 miles.  250 miles!  Heavens to Rand McNally!
In many American offices, workers are channeling Noel Santillan, forsaking paper for digital alternatives.  More and more employers are tapping into the expertise of information management services companies for appropriate scanning and hosting solutions.  They’re even seeking digital workflows to replace costlier, time consuming business processes such as human resources and accounts payable.  But for those who support the efforts of modern day cartographers, those same companies will offer good, solid advice about cost-effective, off-site document storage and secure, confidential, certified shredding services.  Ah, paper.
So the next time you come to a fork in the road, just remember Noel Santillan.  Reykjavik or bust!
— Dr. Document


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