My phone is ringing. Should I pick it up?

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So you’re home, just about ready to sit down to dinner.  The phone rings.  The Caller ID is unfamiliar but you figure, what the heck, the pasta can wait.  Within seconds, you realize you’ve made a complete error in judgment.  You’re trapped.  It’s one of them.  It’s a…telemarketer.  Not only is he wasting your time trying to get you to buy God knows what but your tortellini is getting cold.  Fear not.  Here comes Roger Anderson to the rescue.  He’s invented a robot that talks incessantly to telemarketers, gobbling up their time, so they don’t have to gobble up yours.  Operating as the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, the robot can talk to telemarketers until they’re blue in the face.  Better theirs than yours.
These days, while the American office is not overrun by hi-tech robots, it is being flooded with digital technology.  More and more businesses are gravitating to a less paper-based environment, benefitting from efficiencies wrought from document scanning, cloud-based hosting and electronic workflow.  Many of those companies have sought the expert advice of information management companies that are equipped to recommend best practices and cost-effective solutions.  But for those organizations that prefer the “pre-robot” use of paper, those same information management services providers can offer cost-efficient document storage and secure, confidential document shredding services.
I’m sorry.  I’ve got to cut this discussion short.   My phone is ringing.
—-Dr. Document


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