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In this ever increasing, ever evolving Digital World, you might find it remarkable, even downright refreshing, to find that there is an extremely informative website dedicated to, drum roll please, paper.  That’s right.  Paper.  At the website, Paper.Org, you’ll be reminded that “little can happen in life without paper or board.”  We depend on it for a myriad of varying purposes.  From seed packets to automobile roof liners to lampshades and coffee filters, paper is the paradoxical material on which we still remain dependent. In fact, you might even say that paper keeps Planet Earth spinning on its axis.
Now try telling that to New Age office administrators.  These days, more and more businesses are gravitating to a less paper-based environment, employing document scanning, cloud-based hosting and electronic workflow solutions with the aim of bringing greater efficiency and cost reduction to commonplace business processes.  Many of these companies seek the advice of information management companies, which are equipped to recommend best practices and cost-effective solutions.  But for those organizations that adhere to the tenets of Paper.Org, information management services providers can offer cost-efficient records storage and certified document destruction services.
Ponder this:  Even as we accelerate at breakneck speed to more mind-bending, digital technology, I think we would all be wise to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and heed the words of the sage, industry philosopher, who recently declared, “The day you’ll see the paperless office, is the day you’ll see the paperless bathroom.”  Ah, philosophy.
—-Dr. Document


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