Olfactory Anchors: The Smell of Paper

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Document Scanning & The Smell of Paper

GRM Document Management offers document scanning services at 15 document storage locations throughout the U.S.
A few days ago, my daughter asked me to purchase tea lights for her history class project.  Being the dutiful Dad, I first tried the local hardware store.  Not having exactly what she needed, the owner suggested I check out the stationery store across the street.  As I walked into the place, the first thing that struck me was the aroma.  You see, when I was a kid, my Dad managed a stationery store in New York City.  I always loved visiting him and taking in the unmistakable “stationery store” smell.   Nothing else quite stirs the nose like the unique fragrances of lead, ink and paper.
These days, as more and more businesses head toward the efficiencies of document scanning and hosting, the smell of paper seems to be wafting up into the ether only to be replaced by the burning smell from scanners and servers. Companies seek the advice of information management companies, which are equipped to recommend best practices, cost-effective solutions and recommendations about digital workflow for select horizontals such as human resources, accounts payable and contract administration.  For those businesses who enjoy the smell of paper as much as I do, they seek out those same information management services companies for cost-efficient, physical records storage and secure, certified shredding services. Some companies combine both digital and physical services to create a “blended” solution.
You know, it’s been more than fifty years since I visited Dad’s store, yet it’s funny how that smell remains anchored in my brain.  Until the other day, when I visited that stationery store, I didn’t realize how much I miss it.  I think I’ll have to visit that store more often.  Because not one day goes by that I do realize how much I miss him.
—-Dr. Document

Document Scanning & The Smell of Paper

GRM Document Scanning & Document Management Services

GRM offers document management software and document management services in 15 locations throughout the U.S.:


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