Opening Day, "Play Ball"

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We all use it.  Sometimes, consciously.  Often times, subconsciously.  It’s a part of everyday life.  A part of everyday communication. What is it?  A figure of speech.  Simply defined, a figure of speech is saying one thing in terms of something else.  It can come in a variety of forms – simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole and understatement.  This time of year, as we’re about to inaugurate a new baseball season, one of the more common figures of speech you’ll hear is “they look good on paper”, meaning advanced scouting reports indicate a baseball club has a talented roster, which should yield a winning record.
If you spend most of your waking hours in an American office, you might suggest “looking good on paper” is a figure of speech that just might be hanging on by a thread (oops, another FOS).  These days, many businesses are abandoning paper in favor of digital processes.  From human resources to accounts payable to contract administration, a growing number of organizations are digitizing these processes, leaving paper in the dust (I just can’t help myself).  Many of these companies seek the advice of information management companies to provide recommendations for preferred scanning, hosting and digital workflow solutions.  For those organizations who see paper as “ol’ reliable” (dang it!), those same information management services companies can be a dependable resource for cost-efficient, physical records storage and secure, certified shredding services.
With Opening Day in sight, can’t you imagine hearing someone in one of those newfangled offices saying, “Man, those Yankees look good on a hard drive.”  Yeesh!
—-Dr. Document


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