Content Services Platforms: The Next Phase of the Digital Revolution

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Since companies started transitioning to digital information management, the volume and variety of the content (i.e., files, documents, images, etc.) involved has grown exponentially. As a result, the ways in which we manage those documents has evolved. Now the terminology is catching up.

Consultants, thought leaders and journalists have started to redefine how they talk about content management. Rather than referring to the main information management system as an enterprise content management system (ECM), they’re shifting to the term “content services platform” (CSP).


What’s in a name? The differences between ECM and CSP

Since their inception, ECMs have continued to change and develop to meet the needs and demands of the companies who use them. Initially, ECMs were typically thought of as monolithic systems that captured, collected and organized data from document scanners in a uniform way. Over the years, however, they’ve evolved into platforms that acknowledge the multiple parties – including users, systems and applications – that require the ability to access and utilize content in unique ways.

Referring to ECMs as content services platforms, then, recognizes this leap from a one-size-fits-all system to a more agile platform that organizes content in a user-friendly manner that’s easily customized to the way a unique business works. This flexibility includes the development of resources that address the needs of the individual user groups. The modern digital manager, for instance, gets convenient features like drag and drop, mobile access and the ability to easily share content on social channels.


Why the shift to content services platforms matters

The logic behind the adoption of the term content services platform is important because it’s indicative of the broader evolution happening in information management. As the volume and variety of content continues to grow so too must the ways in which we manage it. The name content services platforms demonstrates an understanding of companies’ evolving information management needs, as well as the ability to meet – and even anticipate – those needs moving forward.

Ultimately, with the information management industry’s pivot from ECM to CSP, companies will have greater access to open platforms that continually incorporate and leverage new technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.


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