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SHRM HR Conference Highlights – #SHRM18 Twitter Hashtag

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@HRJazzy #SHRM18 post before the SHRM Conference

The 2018 SHRM Conference was indeed the largest HR Conference of the year.
Even in the weeks before the event started the activity on social media and the anticipation building up was quite noticeable.
Between the official #SHRM18Blogger team, #HRtribe, the SHRM Conference exhibitors, and HR Influencers on Twitter, the activity was measured in thousands of tweets. Most likely even in the tens of thousands.
Everyone’s posts were very positive, inspirational, and inviting to connect at this HR conference.

Without doubt, the GRM Information Management team was itching to get to Chicago, set up, and participate.


@LisaPiazzaSHRM #SHRM18 post with photo of hallway
@GRMDocumentMgmt post of #SHRM18 hashtag engagement analytics

To give you an idea how big this HR conference was, this was just a picture of one of the hallways.

On Twitter, the #SHRM18 hashtag, the official hashtag for the SHRM Conference was already trending on Sunday. On Monday, in just 5 minutes, 100 tweets were already reaching 447,749 people.
The most noticeable participants on Twitter were @debraruh @ReneeRoberz @MeghanMBiro @TalentCulture @GRMDocumentMgmt @JenniferMcClure @k8bischHRLaw @DawnHBurke @mfaulkner43 @shweta_hr @cescobar78 @NamelyHR @Jon_Thurmond @KyraMatkovichHR
GRM Information Management made it into this group as well, and this was our first social media participation at an HR Conference, ever.


GRM #SHRM18 post recognizing the SHRM 2018 Conference Blogger team
SHRM Bloggers at GRM’s booth

The SHRM 2018 Conference Blogger team, was in full force, influencing and steering the discussions with positive vibes, inspirational quotes from speakers, and their observations of the most exciting presentations.

Just by going to the official #SHRM18Blogger hashtag, you could see all the bloggers and social media gurus that were reaching millions of people every single day of the event.
The most engaging bloggers were @MikeVanDervort @wattsnextBen @HRJazzy @MeghanMBiro @sharlyn_lauby @StevenRothberg @DaveTheHRCzar @Jon_Thurmond @KeithCEnochs @_Kavi @wyndall93 @cescobar78 @HC3 @bradgalin @Paula4Harvey @marenhogan @CigarSPHR
For a full list of SHRM 2018 Conference bloggers go to –
On Tuesday, three of the SHRM Bloggers, Jon Thurmond, Anne Tomkinson, and Wendy Dailey stopped by the GRM booth to say hi.
We were very excited to see that social media interactions at SHRM conference are so meaningful and can bring HR professionals together in real life.


@Kiran_Ali91 #SHRM18 post of encouragement after Steve Browne’s presentation
@_strclaire #SHRM18 post with Steve Browne, SHRM Bloggers, and other participants
Here’s another presentation by Suz O’Donnell @Thrivatize where the entire crowd was 100% engaged to participate.

This particular HR conference was definitely a big learning and social opportunity for everyone attending and exhibiting.
Every speaker had personal stories and words of wisdom and inspiration to share, on top of how to improve the daily grind of HR professionals.
One of the most inspirational presentations at the event was by Steve Browne – @sbrownehr
With the title “HR on Purpose!! Five Ways to Own, Lead and Integrate HR Throughout Your Organization” the presentation drew a lot of attention, especially by celebrating how important HR professionals really are to an organization, not just from a supportive role, but rather a leadership and developmental role.
I think everyone wanted to get a picture with Steve after his presentation 🙂

Hot topics at GRM Booth – Digital onboarding and making use of unstructured data locked in paper HR documents

While the HR presentations were the talk of Chicago, at the GRM booth we had great discussions on how to improve daily HR tasks, how to facilitate the employee onboarding process with the latest digital HR technology, and how to make use of unstructured data that’s locked into paper documents.
Indeed, the biggest insights we received from HR professionals coming to GRM’s booth at SHRM Conference, were that an employee’s profile is incomplete without being able to make sense of all HR documents and that the task of manual entry of descriptions & file names for thousands of HR documents was the biggest pet-peeve of HR professionals.
Finding new ways to manage HR tasks when the Human Resources department has limited resources is certainly on everyone’s priority list.
That’s also the job of GRM’s HR Technology team.
When you need to make sense of your unstructured data, facilitate your daily HR tasks, and integrate with your existing HRIS systems, we’re here for you.
We’ll see you all at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas in September!

Please visit our HR Technology Page for more information on how we can integrate with your existing HRIS systems


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