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The SHRM19 HR Conference & Exhibition took place last week in Las Vegas — and Jay Crider, GRM’s Vice President of Sales, West Coast and Digital Sales Executive Trent Barrow attended. The two executives from our Los Angeles office had the opportunity to meet and talk with a range of HR professionals. Read on to learn what the main topics of conversation were at the GRM booth during SHRM19…

Intelligent Questions about Intelligent Capture
A hot topic of conversation at SHRM19 was intelligent capture. A significant number of human resources professionals we spoke with had questions about how intelligent capture in general — and GRM’s technology in particular– can help their organization’s HR department better manage employee information. The ability to scan and capture information, classify it and then extract relevant data is an area where GRM has strong capabilities, so there was plenty to discuss.

Intelligent Analytics and HR
As employee retention is a key issue for most companies, it’s no surprise that the concept of using intelligent analytics on the information surrounding their employee base is intriguing to most HR professionals. The ability to gather relevant employee data such as the amount of vacation and sick time they’re using, any disciplinary action taken, etc. — and then analyze that information to identify employees who are disengaged and predict if they may be looking to leave — is incredibly useful. GRM’s content services platform’s capabilities, including actionable analytics, provide the necessary support for this process.

Eliminating HR Information Silos
As always, integration was an important topic at SHRM19. Employee information is often stored in various HRIS and ATS systems. Booth visitors were excited to learn that GRM’s cloud-based content services platform seamlessly integrates with existing HRIS and ATS systems to provide a single, holistic view of all employee data.

Making a Digital Transformation in HR
While the move to digital processes has been underway for quite some time, HR is a department that still requires a ton of documentation — often in the form of paper documents. In our conversations with visitors to the GRM booth during SHRM19, we found that companies that haven’t yet switched to digital are actively pushing to do so. The benefits of using electronic forms and integrating those forms and other documents into workflows — cost savings, increased productivity, fewer errors, improved compliance — are enticing. HR professionals were also interested in GRM’s ability to handle large-scale scanning while guiding HR departments (and companies as a whole) through a digital transformation.

Did you attend the SHRM19 HR Conference but miss the GRM booth? If so, we’re sorry we missed you. Give us a call or send us an email — we’re always ready to discuss your company’s information management needs and share how GRM’s digital solutions for HR can help.


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