3 Reasons to Store Your Records Offsite

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3 Reasons to Store Your Records Offsite

There’s paperwork involved in nearly every business process and transaction, regardless of the industry or type of business. If your organization hasn’t yet made the switch to digital – and if you’re still storing all (or most) of your records onsite – you’re ignoring a few key benefits of using a document management company to handle your records.

Free up valuable real estate with offsite records storage

While it may seem obvious, a large number of companies still miss out on the space savings afforded by storing their records in an offsite facility. Filing cabinets and shelves often become wasted space rather than areas that could house workstations and additional employees. By moving records offsite with a reputable document management company, organizations can make full use of their office’s square footage.

Get what you need, when you need it

There’s more to storing records than just placing them in a file or on a shelf. Knowing exactly how and where those records are stored and being able to access them quickly and easily when necessary is crucial. When you entrust those records to a document management company, they can index your files and documents for easy tracking and retrieval. This saves your organization time and money.

Mitigate records storage risk through compliance

Possibly the most compelling reason to store your records offsite is compliance. Properly storing records for the amount of time required by local, state and federal regulations is vital. So is the manner in which you destroy those records. If you fail to adhere to government and industry regulations, you may expose your organization to unnecessary risk. This can result in fines and penalties and damage your company’s reputation.
Above all, storing your records offsite gives your organization an opportunity to get a handle on all of your company’s data and ensure that you have a solid records management plan in place.


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