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Paper Documents vs Document Scanning in a Digital World

It’s been a few weeks now, but Steve Harvey’s ill-fated Miss Universe winner announcement still resonates around the globe.   Especially in South America.  As a physician of sorts, I feel his pain.  (Miss Colombia’s, too.)  But in an age where the audience registers its vote via social media, weren’t pageant organizers setting him up for failure by giving him a paper announcement card?  They couldn’t provide a laptop?  A tablet?  Or even a smart phone?  They had to give him paper?  If he had a mobile device, all he would have had to do was touch a screen to reveal the winner.  Holy, Ms. Philippines!
In businesses all across America (Colombia and The Philippines, too), we’re witnessing the battle between paper and the digital image.  With the rise of document scanning and digital workflow, paper is getting a run for its money.  If you’re thinking digital, then reach out to your local information management services company.  They can provide expert advice on document scanning and hosting solutions and also offer safe, secure and confidential means of destruction.  But if paper remains the apple of your eye, they’ll advise you on the most cost-efficient and economical way to store it.
Paper.  Digital.  And the winner is…
—-Dr. Document

Paper Documents vs Document Scanning in a Digital World

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