Will the Broncos or Panthers win the Superbowl? The good money is on…

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The Super Bowl 50 stage is set.  The AFC Champion Denver Broncos, under the weathered reins of Peyton Manning and mighty whip of Wade Phillips, will square off against the NFC Champion Carolina Panthers, propelled by the other-worldly right arm and legs of Cam Newton (a/k/a Clark Kent before he hits the end zone).  Many football aficionados see this match-up as a throwback.  Stout defense versus rush dominated offense.   Real, old time, old school trench warfare.
If you venture into an American office these days, it’s easy to detect the old schoolers. They’re the ones buried under mountains of documents.  They’d rather push paper than deploy digital.  They relish the comfort of physical document storage and certified shredding.  On the other side of the line of scrimmage are their digital counterparts.  They’ve opted for scanning, hosting and digital workflow of core business processes such as human resources, accounts payable and contract administration.  Think of them as the “read-option, go vertical, offensive alternative”.
Now, here’s the million dollar, or should I say, multi-million dollar question:  Which teams will win? Broncos or Panthers?  Paper Pushers or Digital Dawgs?  The good money is on…
—-Dr. Document


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