The Great Debate

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It’s less than a week away. The moment (or should I say the 90 minutes) we’ve all been waiting for.  Media moguls are salivating. This will be bigger than the last hurrah of Mash.  More titanic than Seinfeld’s goodbye.  More compelling than Peyton’s last rodeo.  Fists will fly.  It’ll make Ali-Frazier look like a schoolyard scrum.  In this corner, you’ve got Little Rock Lightning, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  And in this corner, you’ve got the Manhattan Mauler, Donald J. Trump.  Two political heavyweights itching to take their gloves off.  All we need is Michael Buffer.  “Hillary, Donald, let’s get ready to rummmmmmmbllllllle!”
While these two candidates get ready to take the stage, a raging debate continues in America’s offices.  Stay document?  Or go digital?  There are those in business who continue to favor the use of paper.  I’m not sure why. Is it the tactile sensation?  The foldability?  Just a stubborn reluctance to divorce an office mainstay from days gone by?  Whatever the reason, for those unwilling to part with parchment, modern day information management services companies offer state-of-the-art physical storage complete with secure web portals to foster proper inventory administration and best records management practices.  For those who have seen the light (make that the benefits of a “paper light” environment), those same information management services providers provide expert scanning, hosting and a myriad of customized digital workflow solutions.  No question, the advantages of document versus digital are very much debatable.  And a lot more complex than the supermarket’s query of “paper or plastic”.
I don’t know about you but I’m eagerly anticipating next Monday night.  A bunch of friends are coming to my house to watch The Great Debate.  I’ve loaded up on chips.  I’ll have plenty of salsa.  My buddy, Miguel, is going to pay for it.


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