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If you have a child getting ready to embark on the college admissions process, buckle your seat belt.  You could be in for a bumpy ride.  Transcripts.  Standardized tests.  Extracurricular activities.  Community service.  The almost endless line of requirements could throw any student or parent off course.  But there may be a change in the wind.  “Turning the Tide,” work done primarily by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, strongly suggests the adoption of alterations in the admissions process including less emphasis on test scores and after-school activities and more on essays and references.
These days, the American workplace is also undergoing change.  More and more companies are opting for “go paperless” initiatives, in some cases requiring the overhaul of corporate culture.  To help navigate sometimes rollicking seas, executives are turning to information management services companies for expert advice on scanning, hosting and digital business process workflow.  But for those who prefer the steady-as-she-goes comfort of paper, they’ll offer cost-efficient document storage and certified shredding services.
It’s hard to imagine the importance of SAT scores and Key Club memberships becoming things of the past.  Then again, the same was once said about carbon paper.  Oh, doctor!
—-Dr. Document


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