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God bless my Mom.  In about five months, she’ll celebrate her 90th birthday.  She’s in terrific health and, given her bloodlines, there’s a very good chance she’ll make it to the century mark.  In anticipation of her Big Day, I’m seeking help as to what to get her.  What do you bestow on anonagenarian?  Please don’t suggest a PC.  When her old one crashed 10 years ago, she waved off a new one.  She prefers writing letters to sending emails.  A smart phone?  Are you kidding?!  When I told Mom she could FaceTime with her granddaughter, her response was, “What do I need that for?  Hearing her voice is good enough.”  See my dilemma?
In offices across this land, some workers are like my Mom.  They’re entering the Digital Age kicking and screaming.  As a doctor of all maladies, I get it. When you’re used to working in a paper-based environment, adjusting to the brave, new world of technology can be scary.  But fear not.  Your local information management services company has witnessed this situation countless times. They offer comprehensive training on scanning, hosting and workflow processes to remediate all forms of technodigiphobia.  And for those patients who lack patience, they provide expert counseling on cost-efficient document storage and shredding.
Now, back to the crisis at hand.  What do I get my mother?  I got it!  She loves Broadway. I’m going to take her to opening night of “Zeroes and Ones: The Musical”.  Oh, don’t worry.  She’ll be cool.  When she enters the theater, she’ll proudly surrender her paper ticket.
—-Dr. Document


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