GRM Information Management Delivers Pathology Storage & Innovative Digital Pathology Solutions Via Its Visualvault ECM Platform.

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Jersey City, NJ, MAY 18, 2023 — GRM Information Management has created a uniquely comprehensive set of pathology services. GRM delivers pathology labs the highest quality blocks and slides storage in its pristine temperature and humidity-controlled facilities as well as an innovative digital solution that streamlines the processing of samples through the lab. The digital automation solution is delivered via GRM’s highly-regarded Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, VisualVault.

GRM continues to build its pathology blocks and slides storage business with several wins over the last year, beginning to deliver services to some of the largest healthcare organizations in the country. These contracts generally cover the storage and active management of thousands of cubic feet of blocks and slides for both clinical and research departments.

According to CEO, Avner Schneur, “GRM has been able to accelerate the growth of our pathology storage business because we’ve created an unusual level of expertise in this area. In addition to superior facilities, GRM pathology services are characterized by highly-trained staff, superior customer service and time-tested processes and systems.”

While the GRM eAccess online inventory management system and dashboard are ideal tools for online management, review, and processing of collections and associated ongoing delivery and pick-up requests, employing its cloud-based VisualVault platform has become a differentiator.

As GRM is a leader in digital content management in addition to physical storage services, it has also developed a Pathology Workflow Automation Solution that is delivered by its cloud-based content services platform (CSP). This solution leverages some of the CSP’s key capabilities in order to optimize the administrative and operational aspects of pathology testing.

The administrative and operational components of pathology labs include manual time-consuming and error-prone processes for completing and handling pathology-related paperwork such as lab requisitions and billing. Additionally, couriers transporting pathology lab assets and lab-related paperwork throughout medical campuses introduces a major point of inefficiency into the typical process.

GRM’s Pathology Workflow Automation Solution largely eliminates these challenges by automating the collection of data and enabling lab-related paperwork to be handled digitally rather than transporting physical copies along with physical pathology assets. The solution employs iForms, GRM’s intelligent forms technology, to auto-populate fields based on customizable contextual information. This automated process allows the lab requisition paperwork to be decoupled from the physical pathology sample, effectively allowing each to move independently and more quickly through standard lab processes. And, because it is built around a cloud-based platform, GRM’s Pathology Workflow Automation Solution delivers secure, mobile access to information and lab paperwork.

GRM’s blocks and slides storage business is a natural extension of GRM’s core document storage offering, as well as the company’s growing digital healthcare solutions and patient data management solutions. Many of these patient data management solutions employ workflow automation technology, data extraction technologies, robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics tools.


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