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ECM Capability & HRIS Data Delivered In a Single Digital View

Jersey City, NJ June 20, 2017 – GRM, a leader in enterprise content management, has introduced an Employee Content Management offering that integrates seamlessly with clients’ existing HRIS systems. The GRM solution captures structured and unstructured data and in combination with the existing HRIS/HCM system, provides a more comprehensive, integrated digital view of human resources data and insights across the enterprise.

Additionally, the GRM solution delivers a heightened level of efficiency for a variety of business processes.
The GRM solution is a suite of products that collectively deliver the capture of important employee data, workflow automation, auto form population and proactive management of critical compliance issues. The GRM solution also brings an advanced set of analytics capabilities to customers that gives them insight into data; informing sophisticated business decision making.

As Human Resources management becomes an increasingly important strategic function, senior HR leaders are seeking ways to manage and leverage the enormous amount of structured and unstructured employee data that exists. This dynamic makes HR particularly well-suited to take advantage of the solution, given GRM’s unique ability to capture the full breadth of structured digital data as well as the unstructured employee data that is resident in paper and static digital documents.

GRM CEO, Avner Schneur, comments “Human Resources is a data and document intensive function. GRM is unique in that we have the expertise, resources and infrastructure to bring it all together and help guide clients toward an increasingly digital, paperless operation.”

In addition to the benefits of increased efficiency and analytics-based insights, the GRM Employee Content Management platform also serves the HR function as a tool that helps ensure compliance with a broad range of HR regulations and related security concerns.

Schneur adds, “Our solutions serve HR very well; as we concurrently help improve efficiency, give HR management a truly holistic view of human resources-related data and provide tools and guidance surrounding compliance. This context, this big picture can’t be provided by the HRIS in isolation.”


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