GRM Legacy Data Archive Solution Optimizes Value of Historical Patient Data

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Jersey City, NJ, February 21, 2023 – GRM Information Management, a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM) and Healthcare Information Management (HIM) solutions, continues to lead the legacy patient data archive market for the Healthcare industry with expanding capabilities.

Legacy data archiving services have become an increasingly important part of healthcare information management services as hospitals and physician practices have ended up in the position of maintaining multiple EMRs, often the result of merger and acquisition activity. Licensing and maintaining multiple systems proves to be both inefficient and expensive, so there is substantial benefit to retire multiple systems, shed the associated costs and house the resulting legacy patient records in an archive solution.

Employed by many of the largest healthcare organizations in the country to manage their legacy patient records, GRM’s archive services deliver a breadth of differentiating features versus other leading legacy data archive (LDA) providers. The process and technology that many LDA providers deliver result in the legacy patient records being difficult to access when the need arises; essentially rendering them useless.

In contrast, GRM’s LDA services deliver healthcare providers with simple, ready access to individual patient records, made accessible as discrete records within the general context of their EMR interface. This simple search and retrieve capability delivers healthcare providers with the best possible context for care decisions and gives patients the best-possible scenario for receiving the most informed and highest-quality care.

GRM’s LDA solution also delivers healthcare providers a clear graphical presentation of aggregated historical patient data, providing a view over time and across patients of critical data around chronic diseases and other important patient health trends. Additionally, current patient data can be graphed within the context of the historical patient data.

GRM CEO, Avner Schneur,  states, “The archiving of patient records is about far more than security and compliance. These legacy records remain important and valuable data that practitioners rely on for insight, reference and learning. GRM recognizes that and our LDA solution delivers.”


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