GRM’s Core Services include document scanning and storage

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GRM’s Blended Solution combines core offerings: records storage facilitiesdocument imaging with the best document scanners and OCR data extraction softwarecloud storage & document management.

Realize the potential of information with GRM’s Blended Solution which includes document scanning services, document storage services, and document digitization services – our unique suite of paper to digital transformation. Have your documents ready to be uploaded to your document management software. Schedule a pick up and GRM will send a team to transfer your boxed documents to our storage facilities. Our document scanning services team will then digitize your documents and upload to the cloud.

Our Blended Solution is a customizable mix of all of our core offerings: offsite document storage, scanning and imaging, digital document management, online repository hosting, data protection, and destruction.

Tailored to your needs, the Blended Solution will save your business time and money, lower the risk of fraud and identity theft, and ensure compliance with all federal, state, international regulations.

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