Inform Conference – ARMA NJ: Developing a Paperlite Initiative

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Download Carl’s presentation on digital transformation: Developing a Paperlite Initiative

As the digital revolution continues, businesses are increasingly moving toward paperless or “paperlite” environments. This shift brings with it myriad benefits for companies, but requires a well-defined plan to ensure buy-in throughout an organization.

This was the topic of GRM Vice President of Account Management Carl Schriefer’s presentation at yesterday’s ARMA NJ conference at Princeton University. Together with an industry colleague, Carl made a strong case for why going paperless or “paperlite” matters for companies.


Benefits of digitization

The upsides to moving from paper documents and processes to digital include streamlined business processes; secure access anytime, anywhere; and improved reporting and insights.Companies that continue to rely heavily on paper documents and records will be left behind. In order to remain competitive, businesses must consider making the shift to digital — and then successfully manage their digital transformation.

The full presentation may be accessed here: Developing a Paperlite Initiative.


Carl Schriefer,  presenter on digital transformation at Inform Conference — ARMA New Jersey

About Carl Schriefer

Since joining GRM in 2008, Carl Schriefer has assisted clients with complex records and information management issues including risk mitigation, cost analysis, retention compliance and enterprise corporate governance — bridging the gap between physical records storage and the implementation of more cost effective digital solutions. Carl also spearheads GRM’s contract management department and is the lead negotiator for GRM’s corporate office.


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