Keep Your Data Organized – Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

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Keep Your Data Organized – Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Keeping your home clean and the associated struggles, shares a lot of similarities with the workplace – particularly when it comes to the management of data and documents. 
The idea that being God-like is just within reach has always been intriguing. That we’re just one good scrubbing of the toilet away from a brilliant light flooding into the bathroom and being shrouded in everlasting life…
And yet, we so often choose to take on some easier task, or worse, flip on the TV and settle into our rightful place among the other mortals – on the couch with a bag of chips.

Managing documents and data

If you blow off cleaning and maintenance for too long, you could be faced with much bigger problems. This is as true for your home as it is for your data. (Mice are not cute and neither are lawsuits for non-compliance.)
And if you have a plan and execute it – whether at home or at work – you can look like a hero. Make no mistake; if your kitchen smells more like lemon scent Lysol than week-old chili, you’re invariably going to rank for hero status with a few people that you want to impress. And, if you rein in never-before-tamed data management issues, you’ll undoubtedly be a hero in the workplace.
While keeping your home tidy is a lot about elbow grease, keeping the workplace in order isn’t always so simple. The scale of the workplace demands that you identify and procure the right tools. And one of those tools is an enterprise content management system (ECM). Managing legacy systems, tech integrations, multiple offices, hundreds of processes, etc., is not a set of challenges that you can bring to its knees with a brilliantly-formatted spreadsheet.  A big job requires a big solution.
Perhaps you should consider digging up that number for the house-cleaning service… and while you’re at it, do a little research on enterprise content management systems.


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