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How to Play Rock Paper Scissors in a Digital World?
It dates back to the Chinese Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD).  About 10 years ago, it was used by a federal judge to settle a lengthy debate on the appropriate place for a deposition.  And its international society has established standardized rules for World Championship tournaments.  Is it Ping Pong?  Uh-uh.  Badminton?  Guess again.  How about Rock, Paper, Scissors?  If you bet RPS (RPS), head to the window and cash in your ticket.  No joke.  The innocent, schoolyard “hand game” has gone big time, capturing the attention of beer sponsors and network television and paying tens of thousands in prize money.
But will the game soon be known as Rock, Image, Scissors?  With the burgeoning of the Digital Age, the use of paper appears to be lessening, losing its place to the digital image in the hearts and minds of many American office workers.  If you find the thought of playing RIS intriguing, then get in touch with your local information management services company.  They can provide expert advice on document scanning and hosting solutions and can also offer compliant methods of destruction.  But if RPS remains your preferred parlor game, they’ll advise you on the most cost-efficient and economical way to perform document storage.
I know paper covers rock and scissors cut paper.  But what trumps image?  And what does image trump?  Hmm.
—-Dr. Document

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