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Save yourself the walk with digital Document Management Software

It’s the end of NFL season – turn in your walking papers digitally. If you don’t have a document management software, you’d have to walk all the way to the office.
Black Monday.  It’s the day after the last regular season game in the National Football League.  It’s the day feared by general managers and coaches whose teams did not perform up to the expectations of team owners, fans or both.  It’s the day many of these executives and coaches are handed their walking papers and exit Stage Right. Or better yet… send it via a text message.
To an increasing degree, paper has been walking out on American businesses.  With the advent of document scanning services and digital workflow, it’s been losing its grip as the standard workplace medium.  If you’re intrigued by the thought of placing paper in the rear view mirror, reach out to your local information management services company.  They can provide expert advice on document scanning and hosting solutions and also offer safe, secure and confidential means of destruction.  But if paper remains a vital part of your game plan, they’ll advise you on the most cost-efficient and economical way to store it.
Come to think of it, now that we’re in the Digital Age, will the next coach to get axed be emailed his walking image?
—-Dr. Document

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