What is End to End Encryption and How Safe is Your Data?

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End-to- End Encryption: How Safe is Your Data?

Recent news reports have highlighted how individuals’ online information is accessed and shared. Whereas previously, most people may not have known or even considered who has access to their data – and how that data might be used – it is now a popular topic of conversation. And, as concern mounts among the public regarding the security of their private information, it becomes even more vital for organizations to ensure that their data is protected.

Making data security a priority.

Securing a company’s information has always been important. Doing so protects the organization from risk and protects its clients’ privacy. As the ways we store information have evolved over time, so too have the ways we secure information to protect it from theft or unauthorized access. For organizations that consider data security a priority, especially if they use enterprise content management systems, end-to- end encryption is the best option.

But what is end-to- end encryption? And how does it protect data?

Encryption refers to the process of converting information or data into a code that protects it from unauthorized access. End-to- end encryption can be used to protect data at rest, such as data being stored temporarily on a computer or in a cloud and data being stored more permanently in a data warehouse or archive. It can also be used to protect data in transit, or in use, meaning data that is currently moving between two points.
End-to- end encryption takes data and codes it in such a way that only the intended recipient can read it. It allows data to be encrypted by the original source, rather than a third party, thereby reducing the number of parties that have access to the data – whether it is at rest or in transit. When used properly, end-to- end encryption for at-rest and in-transit data provides the most security.

Is your data secure?

If you’re unsure of the type of encryption your organization currently relies upon to protect information, now is the time to check. While there is always some risk involved in storing, accessing and sharing data, your company can greatly reduce the exposure to itself and its clients by using the highest level of security available. In most cases, this is end-to- end encryption. A data breach can result in significant financial loss, as well as government fines and penalties.


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