National Law Firm Identifies Customer Service-Centric Document Storage Provider.


A major national law firm headquartered in Houston, TX, sought a record storage partner that could not only handle their record management needs but could also meet their customer service demands in terms of making multiple, daily deliveries and pick-ups of legal documentation. They were also concerned with the volume of sensitive, physical information they were producing every day and not having secure processes and procedures in place to ensure those confidential files were being stored and shared in a controlled and responsible way.


GRM transported a combined 850,000 cubic feet of record inventory from their previous vendor to our regional record storage centers. Our strong national presence allowed us to make this transfer process progress fast and smooth given the proximity of our record centers to each law firm location and our dedicated customer service teams.
Secure Transfer Document storage for law firm

Once we processed and archived their legal inventory within our state-of-the-art facilities, the next phase of the solution involved the coordination and execution of daily document deliveries and pick-ups. As a national law firm with offices in HoustonAustinDallas and Washington D.C, our regional operations teams continued to meet the ongoing storage and delivery demands of each firm. Our well-established national infrastructure allowed us to meet the extensive demands of legal client, especially that of their headquarter location which typically scheduled deliveries four times a day to pick up boxes of new physical records.


By providing this customer with flawless records transportation, storage and customer support, GRM was able to successfully implement our record management solution and provide them with increased document security, better record organization and immediate access to their offsite legal inventory. Now they no longer have to worry about the possibility of an unauthorized employee breaching the confidentiality of a document or having to utilize office labor to make sure all files are properly indexed, archived and stored.


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