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4 ways technology has changed hiring — for job seekers and recruitersDecember 14, 2017

Author: Sarah K. White“Technology has changed the entire recruitment and job search process — for better or worse. For recruiters and hiring managers, it’s easier than ever to find candidates to suit niche skills or even sway candidates who might not be actively job searching. Job seekers can even reach…

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An introduction to regular expressionsDecember 13, 2017

Author: Thomas Nield “Many data science, analyst, and technology professionals have encountered regular expressions at some point. This esoteric, miniature language is used for matching complex text patterns, and looks mysterious and intimidating at first. However, regular expressions (also called "regex") are a powerful tool that only require a small…

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Retail: How to Keep it Personal & Take Care of PrivacyDecember 12, 2017

Author: Ronald van Loon “For years the retail sector has been making use of customer data to propel their own marketing campaigns forward. What remains to be seen in this regard is, how the future of better data collection and technology, coupled with an enhanced need for customer personalization shakes…

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How to conduct a Digital Transformation Workshop?December 11, 2017

Author: Sandeep Raut “Digital disruption is really fast. The change it brings is sweeping the business landscape at such a furious pace that old ways of thinking are not relevant today.” Read more here: https://simplified-analytics.blogspot.com/2017/12/how-to-conduct-digital-transformation.html GRM Article Commentary: The Digital Transformation is Upon Us Companies are constantly updating their methods, becoming more…

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How self-service data avoids the dangers of “shadow analytics”December 8, 2017

Author: Kelly Stirman “In our personal lives, data makes the world go round. You can answer almost any question in a second thanks to Google. Booking travel anywhere on the planet is just a few clicks away. And your smartphone has apps for pretty much anything you can think of,…

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18 outdoor cameras to secure your connected homeDecember 6, 2017

Author: Megan Wollerton “Outdoor home security cameras have changed a lot in recent years. A market that was once limited to a few manufacturers has since exploded into an industry full of options. That's great news for us as customers, but it can make the buying process a bit more…

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Prepare A ‘What If’ Strategy To Guard Against DisastersDecember 5, 2017

Author: Ivan Seselj “Is your business ready for a disaster? Every day individual businesses are faced with the unexpected.These can manifest themselves in a variety of forms, from a malware attack or data breach as experienced by the likes of Equifax or Deloitte recently through to the inevitability of tube…

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Why Using Reliable and Timely Big Data Will Transform the Real Estate IndustryDecember 4, 2017

Author: Misha Ghosh "The U.S. real estate market is incredibly dynamic. From the impact of rising interest rates, sticky wages and employment growth, to disturbances like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma this summer, as well as structural changes in consumer lifestyle, such as the emergence of shared work spaces versus traditional…

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