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Getting started automating procurement processesJanuary 17, 2018

Author:  The Strategic Sorcerer "There are countless ways to transform a procurement department through the use of technology, but many of these methods share a common thread: Automation of everyday processes holds a prominent role. The rise of automation is based on the idea that when human employees lose their most…

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How threat hunting enhances cybersecurityJanuary 15, 2018

Author: Rishi Bhargava“Given the dramatic increase in cyberattacks, no agency can afford to feel that its security is impenetrable. Regardless of how thorough agencies believe their defenses are, determined and well-funded hackers can penetrate their networks. Furthermore, many organizations that have already been hacked remain unaware that an intrusion has…

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How Digital is changing the workplace?

Author: Sandeep Raut“Remember the early 90s, when the mobile phones were not there. The only way to communicate to an out of office employee was landline phone or personal message via a colleague. Today there is no distinction between professional and personal lives as we are always connected.'”Read more here:…

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