Enterprise Content Management Tools Transform Pathology Lab Operations
Jersey City, NJ June 27, 2017 – Building upon its sales growth and collection of enterprise content management  and records management solutions in the Healthcare sector, GRM has successfully implemented a new Pathology Lab automation solution for one of the largest healthcare systems in the United States. By seamlessly connecting disparate pieces of data and processes, the GRM solution is providing the client with a more comprehensive view of pathology operations, dramatically improving efficiency and delivering significant savings.
The high volume clinical operation was processing hundreds of anatomical and clinical pathology samples per day. Each physical sample was accompanied by a physical requisition document and it was routed by hand across multiple facilities at multiple locations. The dispersed geography and the mutual reliance between the samples and the paper requisition collectively created a process that was time-consuming, expensive and prone to error – all resulting in less than optimal operations and ultimately, less than optimal patient care.
The comprehensive workflow automation solution that GRM implemented allowed the lab system to effectively manage and process structured and unstructured data from multiple sources; migrating lab records to digital and mobile for a diverse set of processes and associated business operations. A strictly-managed, level-based access structure ensures the highest levels of security and HIPAA compliance.
GRM’s eScan technology and ORC Connect search utility was deployed to allow for immediate scan and retrieval of pathology lab requisitions from GRM’s digital content management platform. The requisitions are stored in GRM’s digital document library and organized utilizing a unique index field based upon sample accession number. This allows users from multiple departments at each location to virtually access the associated requisition to initiate processes without having to wait for the courier service to deliver the physical samples.
GRM CEO, Avner Schneur, comments, “This is a perfect example of a GRM ECM solution connecting the dots -- bringing together unstructured and structured data and feeding it into a sophisticated workflow with multi-level location and access rights.” Schneur adds, “This is a classic case where our SaaS solution allows for an implementation that is executed quickly, cost-effectively and seamlessly with existing systems.”
Ultimately, the GRM solution not only allowed lab operations and associated lab data to flow more freely, it allowed a variety of important back office operations to access and leverage data earlier in the process to realize enormous gains in productivity and efficiency.
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