GRM’s Chart Acquisition & Verification Solution Cuts Days Sales Outstanding from Weeks to Days

Healthcare information management leader optimizes patient chart acquisition and verification process

Jersey City, NJ – GRM Information Management, a leader in enterprise content management, offers a Chart Acquisition & Verification Solution capable of reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) from weeks to days and dramatically decreasing Timely Filing Denials.

GRM provides innovative digital solutions that deliver optimized business processes to companies across a range of industries, including healthcare.

GRM’s healthcare solutions address the unique, complex information management challenges facing healthcare companies. This includes everything from EMR system decommissioning, human resources content management and improving efficiency by automating workflows, to the consolidation of multiple billing and accounts receivable systems – and the streamlining of patient records and chart management processes.

HIPAA-compliant and built around their powerful, cloud-based content services platform, GRM’s Chart Acquisition & Verification Solution resolves the critical and costly issue of excessive DSO and Timely Filing Denials for physician services companies and related healthcare organizations, saving those businesses tens of millions of dollars each year.

GRM’s Chart Acquisition & Verification Solution streamlines the patient chart acquisition and verification process by identifying Patient Chart Discrepancies at the beginning of the process and automatically notifying the appropriate users so correct or complete data can be appended to the patient record. Once the patient chart is complete and accurate, it is seamlessly passed to the client’s billing system for submission.

“Each of our healthcare information management solutions addresses the specific needs of the healthcare industry,” says Yossi Harel, Executive Vice President of GRM. “Our Chart Acquisition & Verification Solution is designed to help healthcare companies operate more efficiently – using secure, cutting-edge technology to identify and correct data discrepancies in patient charts. The result is an optimized process that significantly shortens the billing cycle, saving physician services companies and related healthcare organizations a substantial amount of time and money each year.”

To ensure continued optimization, GRM’s software also feeds information to their analytics engine, providing unique, real-time business insights so that any additional inefficiencies can be identified and addressed.


About GRM
GRM Information Management is a leading provider of information management systems. GRM's robust, cloud-based content services platform serves as the centerpiece of the digital solutions that GRM provides its clients. Serving a diverse base of industries such as healthcare, government, legal, finance and human resources, GRM delivers its clients services such as digital conversion, advanced data capture solutions, document management systems, workflow automation, legacy data archiving, compliance and governance, business process management and advanced analytics capabilities, as well as a full suite of document storage, scanning and physical records management services.

GRM maintains offices in 15 major metros across the U.S., including Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey/New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. GRM also has facilities in Lima, Peru; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Bogota, Colombia. For more information, visit GRM Information Management.


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