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Getting started automating procurement processes

Getting started automating procurement processes  The Strategic Sourceror (press release) (blog)Full coverage

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How Digital is changing the workplace?

Remember the early 90s, when the mobile phones were not there. The only way to communicate to an out of office employee was landline phone or personal message via a colleague. Today there is no… …

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How threat hunting enhances cybersecurity

Proactive hunting can find core security issues much faster than traditional reactive methods and reduce workload on security analysts who must focus on fighting day-to-day fires.

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GRM Announces Expansion of Services for JetBlue Airways

  GRM, a leader in lifecycle Information management, announced today an expansion of its services for JetBlue, the award-winning airline. JetBlue ’s need to renovate HR information management as it moved to a new headquarters facility in 2012 led the airline to adopt a Blended Solution approach, consisting of multiple, integrated GRM offerings. In line […]

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