Top Healthcare IT Sessions at HIMSS 2018 – picks by GRM

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GRM picks 25 Healthcare IT-related sessions to attend at this year’s HIMSS 2018 Conference

If you’re undecided on which sessions to attend, take a look at 26 of the sessions GRM picked based on interest in:

  1. AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Data Analytics
  2. Business Process Improvement and Workflow Automation
  3. Enterprise Content Management
  4. Meaningful Use
  5. Cybersecurity
  6. Adoption of New Technologies

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Top Healthcare IT sessions for HIMSS 2018 Conference.

  1. Monday 8:00 Communication Skills for project success: what every project manager should know. Session #B. Room: Delfino 4104
  2. Monday 5:00 Opening Keynote
  3. Tuesday 8:30 The Adoption Gap: Challenges and Strategies in Emerging Technologies. Session# 2. Room# Galileo 901
  4. Tuesday 10:00 Care Pathways and data analytics for advancement of healthcare. Session #18. Room# Galileo 901
  5. Tuesday 10:00 How AI and Machine Learning are Disrupting the Current Healthcare Ecosystem. Room# Palazzo E
  6. Tuesday 10:30 The IT connection: digitizing medical practice. Session# LS02. Location: Level 1 | Hall G | Booth 9947
  7. Tuesday 11:30 Developing a strategy to manage legacy data. Session# c 34. Room# Galileo 901
  8. Tuesday 11:30 Driving Enterprise ROI by Eliminating Data Silos. Session# 45. Room# Palazzo D
  9. Tuesday 11:30 Payers and providers team up to improve patient outcomes. Session# IS03. Location: Interoperability Showcase | 11955 Theater
  10. Tuesday 12:30 HIPAA compliance and the public cloud. Location: Booth# 8500
  11. Tuesday 2:30 Top 10 Technologies Poised for Largest First Time Growth by Hospitals in 2018. Session# HA06. Location: HIMSS Booth 1338
  12. Tuesday 4:00 Building a Rapid-Response Advanced Analytics Unit. Session# 92. Room# Palazzo D
  13. Tuesday 4:30 Defend Cyber Attack: legacy system decommissioning. Session# CS57. Location: Level 2 | Titian Meeting room | Booth 8600
  14. Wednesday 8:30 Learning from Patient Safety Events: A Shift from Quantity to Quality. Session# 103. Room# Delfino 4004
  15. Wednesday 10:00 Machine Learning: another piece of the AI puzzle in healthcare. Session# 129. Room# Palazzo K
  16. Wednesday 10:00 Beyond the EHR: Continuous innovation for the transition to value-based care. Session# 118. Room# Lando 4301
  17. Wednesday 11:30 Managing Machine Learning: Insights and Strategy. Session# 141. Room# Palazzo D
  18. Wednesday 11:30 Case Studies on Transforming Care With Cloud and AI. Session# 134. Room# Lando 4301
  19. Wednesday 12:30 An inside look: Cybersecurity at nist. Session# FH 22. Location: HALL G booth #10219
  20. Wednesday 1:00 Digital Transfornmation Across the Healthcare Ecosystem. Session# 156. Room# Palazzo B
  21. Thursday 10:00 Developing an enterprise imaging strategy. Session# 212. Room# Marcello 4405
  22. Thursday 1:00 Healthcare transformation led and enabled by disruptive cloud technology. Session#247. Room# Palazzo D
  23. Thursday 2:30 Finding the ROI of AI. Session# 263. Room# Palazzo D
  24. Thursday 4:00 How Analytics Can Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement. Session# 278. Room# Palazzo D
  25. Thursday 2:30 Achieving success with 2018. EHR  Meaningful use criteria. Session# 256. Room# Lando 4301


GRM Information Management at HIMSS 2018


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