Digital Solutions Practice Contributing Significantly to GRM South America Growth.

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Jersey City, NJ, March 29, 2023 — GRM Information Management is enjoying significant growth of its digital solutions business in South America. With established operations in Brazil, Colombia and Peru, across a total of six major metros, GRM continues to expand its digital business among both existing and new clients.

The GRM South America operations have been successful in introducing a broad variety of digital solutions previously adopted by U.S. clients across vertical markets. With the capture, structuring and automated flow of data as the basis of most solutions, GRM South America has been particularly successful in securing partnerships in the Healthcare, Energy and Banking industries.

GRM Global CEO, Avner Schneur states, “We’ve experienced significant success in South America since establishing operations there in 2014. We quickly built a very successful document storage business. But, over the last several years, volumes of companies are seeking out and adopting our automation solutions; including a suite of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services that we deliver.”

BPO services are a natural marriage of GRM’s document storage and scanning capabilities and its advanced digital automation solutions. GRM is able to build end-to-end processes, where important paper documents such as patient records and high-value financial transactions can be secured, scanned, auto-indexed and leveraged to drive workflow automation in an increasingly digital environment. In addition to high value processes and documents being processed more efficiently and quickly, all of these documents and processes become more easily reported upon and better understood with advanced analytics functions applied.


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