GRM Information Management Launches Its New HR Packet Onboarding Solution.

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GRM Information Management, a leader in enterprise content management, is expanding its HR solutions with the introduction of its new HR packet onboarding solution, QuickPack.

QuickPack streamlines and simplifies an important part of the new employee onboarding process; making the sending, tracking, and collecting of approved forms from new hires a simple and structured experience for employers. 

Delivered by GRM’s secure, cloud-based content platform, VisualVault, this solution allows Human Resources to collect the required documents for new hire signatures into a single HR document packet, which is shared online with the newly hired employee. In this system, a dashboard tracks these digital documents, such as I9s, tax forms, confidentiality agreements and other HR documents, and whether or not they have been signed and returned, providing employers with the ability to view the status of forms. 

With e-Signature integration, new hires are able to review, sign, and submit documents all online, improving the efficiency of the process and helping to reduce the time between offer and start date. Additionally, the platform issues auto reminders to new hires regarding remaining unsigned documents until all approved documents are submitted.

The development of this solution was prompted, in great part, by existing GRM clients struggling to adapt in a rapidly-changing business environment where contractors and temporary employees were becoming an increasingly important component of the workforce. With more hires being made in more rapid succession, the traditional means of distributing, tracking and collecting the new hire documents was coming under unprecedented pressure and failing; creating dramatic delays in new hires being able to start. In response, GRM was able to leverage the data and process management capabilities of VisualVault to quickly deliver an unparalleled means of solving this pressing HR challenge.

GRM CEO, Avner Schneur states, “QuickPack is a solution for any organization. Regardless of whether a company has an HRIS system or not, many are struggling with the process of efficiently getting new hires to sign and return required documents. QuickPack provides HR departments with a turnkey means of organizing, tracking and driving completion of this often-challenging process.” 

The QuickPack product is the newest solution that GRM has added to its portfolio of digital products that bring increased efficiency and cost savings to Human Resources, Finance and a broad range of other operational functions. Many GRM HR solutions involve simple integrations with HRIS systems and aggregation of multiple HR data sets in order to deliver a comprehensive view of all critical data in a single digital view. With all data aggregated, then advanced business process management, document management and workflow automation solutions can be executed. 


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